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  • Simple.

    We strive to have the least amount of work between needing someone, and finding someone.

  • Faster hiring.

    Time is money, as the saying goes. Matchitude is designed from the ground up to be fast, so that you can find suitable candidates and have them at work without wasting time.

  • Equal Opportunity.

    Get the drop on equal opportunity hiring. We don't ask candidates for any demographic information, allowing you to select purely on the work-related skills and criteria they provide.

  • Personal.

    On Matchitude, a prospectus allows candidates to express themselves, so that you can get to know the real person instead of a CV tailored to what they think you want.

  • Cost Effective.

    Matchitude costs a fraction of the fees you'd be stuck with at agencies, job boards or CV search sites.

    • No subscription fees.

    • No commission fees.

    • Free to search.

    • No commitment.

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